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Our team tapped into the minds and experience of our network of digital experts. Together,  we evaluated what start-ups and aspiring brands need in order to make their online presence flourish. 

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We used the findings to design this guide that outlines the strategic digital marketing services required to help brands create a results-driven, attractive online presence. A step-by-step on how to increase brand awareness, generate leads and achieve brand loyalty. We can guide you through the entire process. Or, if you have more targeted needs, we can help you with specific steps on your journey. By connecting you to our network of professionals, we ensure that you achieve your digital marketing goals and receive the best services throughout your journey. 

01. Design a Brand Identity:

Corporate colors/Font/Logo

Every brand needs a look, feel, and voice. Creative elements, like logos and corporate colours, set you apart from the rest of the clichéd crowd and leave an impression on your audience.

02. Get a Corporate Identity:

Business Card/Letterhead/Email Signature

Professionalism and cohesion are a must for every brand. By infusing your business cards, email signatures, internal communications, and letterheads with clear visual branding, you’ll present yourself favourably to your audience.

03. Build Your Digital Image:

Register Domain Name/Email, Website Hosting & Reserve Name on Social Media

A huge number of your clients are online. Therefore, it is vital that you establish an attractive digital image for your business through customised domain names, social media handles, and email addresses.

04. Expand Your Marketing Kit:

Company Profile/Flyers/Print Media

The best digital marketing strategies aim for synergy between online and offline marketing methods. Expand your marketing horizons by including print media advertising and effective business flyers. Take your brand to the next level.

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05. Create Your Digital Office:

Website Development/E-Commerce

Websites and online shops are how most of your audience will find your business and purchase your products. Impress customers and clients by creating a digital experience that is as user-friendly, satisfying, secure, and compelling as possible. 

Create your website or online shop with us.

06. Expand Your Digital Footprint:

Claim Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business and online business directories help drive traffic to your brand by improving its visibility to your local audience. Listing companies, like Facebook Marketplace, OLX, and Gumtree, assist you to interact with your customers and give them a direct line to your goods and services. 

Set up Your Google My Business with us

07. Track and Improve:

Google Analytics, Search Console / Conversion Tracking

Your brand’s fate relies on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You need to constantly monitor and improve your website’s search performances and traffic with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

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8. Search Engine Marketing:

Google Ads – Text/Display/Remarketing/Mobile

Targeted search engine marketing achieves a continuous flow of traffic to your website. Increasing your visibility on search engine results pages and through Google Ads is an effective way of growing your business and getting ahead of your competition. 

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9. Talk to Your Market:

Mail Blasts/Newsletters/Email Branding

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing. It’s a great way to keep your current clients abreast of the latest news and products. Regular mail blasts maintain brand loyalty, increase returning business, and expand your customer base. 

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10. Improve Your Ranking:

Search Engine Optimisation/Content Marketing

There’s a reason you hear the term SEO in nearly every digital marketing discussion. Ranking high on search engines for keywords related to your business makes you an authority in your niche and drives website visits. Content marketing also expands your customer base through consistent, valuable content. 

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11. Engage Your User:

Chat bots/Unique Landing Pages

In the modern market, customers expect direct engagement. Chat bots make it easy to generate leads and talk with visitors proactively. Unique landing pages also capture your ideal customers and encourage them to take specific actions that lead to sales. 

Engage with your audience with us.

12. Get Social:

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube and more

Social media has unrivalled power, reach, visibility, and appeal. It is the maker and breaker of brands. By getting social media right, you can showcase your brand’s commitment to customers, build a loyal following, and establish yourself as a content leader in your industry.

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